Looking forward

By Norm Tovey-Walsh on October 02, 2023 at 09:00a.m.

As Mike says, today is a big day. It is an honour to be able to announce that I am taking on a new role as CEO of Saxonica.

Let me start by offering huge congratulations and thanks to Mike and Penny Kay, whose talent, commitment, and hard work have made Saxonica into the successful company it is today.

I’m happy (and somewhat relieved!) to say that the Saxonica team will continue to benefit from Mike’s experience for the foreseeable future, as he moves to a new role as Director of Innovation. Working part-time, Mike will continue to support customers and colleagues alike, as well as ensuring that his in-depth knowledge of our code base continues to be passed on to the rest of the Saxonica engineering team, myself included!

Before I had the opportunity to join the company in 2020, I was already an enthusiastic part of Saxonica’s user base. I know how important our products are to our users; I am one of our users!

Working with this team of talented people to develop software that makes a real contribution to the XML community has been a privilege. Becoming Saxonica’s CEO is an even greater one. I am committed to seeing Saxonica grow and prosper into the next decades, continuing the reputation for excellence, innovation, and community-mindedness that Mike has worked so hard to establish.